Play Tennis Newham membership is really simple and great value for money. Whether you choose to play at one venue or all of them you can expect the following benefits:

  • No extra costs!      Anyone in your household can play tennis on the courts for free
  • Reserve your court!      Online court booking up to 1 month in advance
  • Play after dark?      You play under the floodlights in the evening for an additional fee (Lyle & Stratford Park only)
  • Whenever you want!      Play 365 days a year
  • Free Members Session        Every week join our coach for a members social session at Straford Park
  • Get started!      Learn with our Tennis Coaches in groups or individually

A membership is now available for unlimited play* on the new courts for just £30 for 12 months.

NB. This membership applies to Central Park, Gooseley Playing Fields, Lyle Park and Stratford Park.

*Conditions apply - please refer to the FAQs page.


Floodlighting (only Lyle & Stratford Park):

For members there is a small additional charge of £2 per hour which will be made at the time of booking a court.

For pay and play users there is an additional charge of £3 per hour which will be made at the time of booking a court.


Annual Registration

12 months membership

Join now for daily access to the new tennis courts in Newham

£30.00 in full

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